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Catering Services

Event Catering

Whether you’re hosting a party or simply desperate for a fresh menu, this service brings the most delicious and creative culinary concepts straight to your kitchen, no fuss involved.


Efstratios Kalathakis brings their expertise to your home, office or event space, giving you the freedom to enjoy top-quality food without effort. Check out this service for an exceptional, tasty culinary sensation.

Hotel Consulting

Life is always so busy, which is why this service is the perfect solution. When you book this popular service, you’re in for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that will leave you and yours wanting more.

Get in touch today to find out more about all these fantastic services.

Some of the hotels & restaurants in which I have or had my services as a consultant.


Dusit Suites Athens

It is a luxury 5-star hotel of the Dusit company in Athens, based in Thailand.


Mykonos Dove Hotel

If you have never enjoyed the meaning of the Mykonos Dove Experience, now is your chance. We offer a complete holiday odyssey.


Celestial Hotel Kefalonia

It’s time to forget the cares of the everyday and let your senses take the lead, with a stay at Celestial Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in Kefalonia


Soleto Restaurant & Bar 

Named after a small Italian town, known by a select few for its rich cultural fusion and distinct gastronomy, Soleto was founded to bring this exclusive experience to Athens.

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