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The Story of Efstratios Kalathakis

Efstratios Kalathakis is a Greek international chef originating from Crete that has a remarkable career of 30 years. He speaks 3 languages and has traveled professionally around the world and especially in Scandinavian countries as Sweden, where he has been managing the royal family’s menu. He has served as Chef de Cuisine for all sections of Astir Palace for 10 years, and when it was transferred to Starwood, he also served as “Resort Executive Chef” at Westin Resort, overseeing a brigade of 80 chefs. He was the chef who edited the menu of former US President Obama during his visit in Greece introducing to him the delicacies of Authentic Greek cuisine. We find him now at the all-day bar restaurant Soleto in Glyfada, Athens Greece. In his career so far he has served famous personalities, royalties, VIPs and he is an acclaimed chef held in the highest regard with multiple certifications and global awards. In the past he has taught in Greek cooking schools iek domi, iek xini and le chef palmier.


Meet Efstratios Kalathakis

A Culinary Journey

Whether you’re planning a festive dinner party or simply looking to transform your weekly menu, Efstratios Kalathakis is here at your service. Check out the site for recipes, videos and much more, and get in touch today.

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